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DR-X Gas 2-Stroke 50cc Dirt Bike

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Introducing the DR-X 50cc mini dirt bike! This entry level bike is perfect for beginners or those who maybe have some experience on an electric and are ready to upgrade! But parents don't worry, it has a speed limiter and can be turned down to however low you wish to help protect your child and keep him/her safe. This bike also has a kill switch that will shut down the engine in case of an accident! We are sure you will love this bike and ensure it's really simple to assemble. This bike is powered by our dependable 50cc 2-stroke motor (backed by a 3 month warranty) that will always keep your child riding happy and you not having to constantly have a repair headache. Created with quality material for handling all types of tough situations and an adjustable rear shock to fit to your kids height! Recommended age of rider is 6 years old and up and 3 - 4 feet tall.

Start Type: Pull Start

Seat Height: 21 inches (can be adjusted up to 24 inches)

Weight: 57 lbs

Brakes: Disc

Tire Size: 10 inch alloy wheels

Motor: 2 Stroke Gas 50cc ( 25:1 pre-mix )

Warranty: 30 Day Warranty

Max Speed: 22 mph (can be turn down)

Weight Capacity: 198 lbs

Recommended Age: 6 years and up! 

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